1. Million Miles

From the recording Memory Electric

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Million Miles

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Song written by Jeremy Allingham
Produced by Jesse Gander and Jeremy Allingham
Mixed and Engineered by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Stu McKillop

Vocals - Jeremy Allingham
Rhythm Guitar - Jeremy Allingham
Synthesizer - Jesse Gander


Verse 1
When you find me on the floor
Please remember that I’ve lost it all
Re-align me with the stars
Thoughts forgotten, but I hunger for
All the old days living, just you and I on our own
Great adventures, running far away from home

But I’d give it all away for one more try
When a man regrets his days, forgets his nights

You’re a million miles away
You’ve got time, I’ve got faith
Sometimes when worlds collide
Ain’t no need to wonder why
There’s just something that I’ve gotta say
I’m getting old, I’m getting grey
Sometimes when words escape, things will never be the same

Verse 2
All the comforts I knew before
They’re long gone now like them dinosaurs
I was high-classed, I was owed
For doing nothing, and I lost the gold
Ain’t no difference, ain’t no way
I’ll forget you on this cold and lonesome day