'Allingham is proof that rock 'n roll is not a dying breed.' -Permanent Rain Press

"Jeremy Allingham carves out his own space amongst rock's greats... " -Exclaim! Magazine 

'Jeremy Allingham’s new record Run Wild drips with summer vibes...Run Wild is a great rock piece. It combines the veins and viscera of classic rock with the instrumentation and production levels of modern rock." -Gonzo Okanagan

"A growing name in the worlds of journalism and music, Allingham is one to watch." -Daily Hive

"Watch for Vancouver's Jeremy Allingham's star to rise..." -Todd Hancock, TODDCast Podcast

"It’s not hard to imagine an audience waving its lit-up smart phones as it weaves to The Revisionist by Jeremy Allingham. It has that anthemic quality....he’s earnest and that sincerity is the album’s conscience, guiding it like radar." -Tom Harrison, The Province newspaper 

"Great song writing is born of two things-a passion for one’s subject, and a dedication to the craft itself. Vancouver folk rocker Jeremy Allingham demonstrates this passion and dedication to song writing..." -Red on Black Music