1. Restless Fool

From the recording Memory Electric

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Restless Fool

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Song written by Jeremy Allingham
Produced by Jesse Gander and Jeremy Allingham
Mixed and Engineered by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Stu McKillop

Vocals - Jeremy Allingham
Rhythm Guitar - Jeremy Allingham
Lead Guitar - Mike Meroniuk
Piano - Josh Denny-Keys
Bass - Kyle Hayes
Drums - Alexander Glassford
Synthesizer - Jesse Gander


Verse 1
There’s someone I used to know
Look a lot like him
Memories lost inside these bones
Radiate within

Verse 2
Changing like the ocean
Changing like regimes
I’m gonna sing my song ‘til it’s outta key
Gonna find out what it means

But I feel the same
When you call my name
And these memories, these memories, they make me smile

We got now, then, forever and I bet
Long lives the Restless Fool

Verse 3
Climb the highest mountain
Fall down on your knees
Asking for forgiveness
Asking to be free