Sharing front page of Exclaim! with David Bowie. Wow!


I'm extremely proud to present to you my debut full-length solo album, MEMORY ELECTRIC. It's been a long time coming. This collection of ten songs was built on hardwork and…

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Propagandhi LIVE @ The Rickshaw

Propagandhi absolutely ripped it up at the Rickshaw last Friday (Feb5). My good friend Dan Rossnagel (aka Daniel Wesley) and I were primed for a good one. After a couple of crisp Coors Lights (my choice not his) at…Read more

Shareefer Madness

I'm a musician. I'm a journalist. I'm also a big, big, dorky NBA fan. I love hoops with a big passion. Played some high-caliber ball in high school and early on in college and have been an NBA addict for…Read more

Introducing "Memory Electric"

The Allingham family up and moved north east this past week. All the way from beautiful Mount Pleasant, to the lovely north end of Commercial Drive. It's been a bit of a bumpy road! During the move from our apartment…Read more

Song for Maliyah

This is one of of my personal favourite songs that I've ever written. This one came out of me, dedicated to my daughter Maliyah (or whomever was going to come into the world) well before she was born. I wrote…Read more