Song for Maliyah

This is one of of my personal favourite songs that I've ever written. This one came out of me, dedicated to my daughter Maliyah (or whomever was going to come into the world) well before she was born. I wrote it even before I knew Saj was pregnant. It was during that time where the desire to have a kid washed over me and my life, and just kind of took everything over. Every action, every thought seemed to be geared to it. It was emotional and powerful (it was evolution).  The song expresses the fear and uncertainty that come with that longing to share your life with a kid. I have a lot of anxiety and I was scared that I would pass that along to her. But in the uplifting choruses, there's a resoluteness and promises are made.

"And the leaves will bow down, when you walk by with me / Those ships will crash and sink into the sea / Before I let you down, I'll make you stronger / Lay your head upon my shoulder / Love will never die...tonight."