Slickity Jim's LIVE featuring JDKK

Josh and I had an outstanding show down at Slickity Jim's. Love the speakeasy feel of the back room. It only holds about 30-35, but we packed 40+ in there. Thanks so much to everyone for cramming in and listening so intently. We hear there isn't going to be live music at Slickity's much longer, which is a cryin' shame because it's a great room. Bittersweet to be one of the last few to play it.

Little pitch and catch pre-show

Here are the set lists from the intimate Slickity's set:

Set 1

Zamboni Man
Wasted Too Long
Better Days
Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles cover)
Carry On (Factories & Alleyways)
Black & Blue
Teenage Autumn Nights

Set 2

Find Love
Sing To Me (Factories & Alleyways)
My Brother (Factories & Alleyways)
Flying Over Water (Jason Isbell cover)
Restless Fool
Come and Go
The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
1000 Beers (Factories & Alleyways with MDK)
Right Now (Factories & Alleyways with MDK)