Tickets available now for Album Release Show 

Tickets are now available for the big album release show at the Biltmore Cabaret - Friday, March 18th. Very excited to finally be sharing my new album "Memory Electric" with you. It was recorded between January 2nd and Easter (select days of course, what do you think, Im filthy rich??) of last year at Raincity Recorders (inside legendary Greenhouse Studios) with my main man Jesse Gander engineering and co-producing. I've poured my heart and soul into this one and am super proud of what we accomplished.

You can buy tickets online right now!!

Or, wait just a couple of days and grab a hard copy ticket. They'll be in all of Vancouver's finer record stores. You can also hit me up in person - no service charge. See you there. We'll be bustin' out tunes from the record, some beauty covers and some special guests.


Propagandhi LIVE @ The Rickshaw 

Propagandhi absolutely ripped it up at the Rickshaw last Friday (Feb5). My good friend Dan Rossnagel (aka Daniel Wesley) and I were primed for a good one. After a couple of crisp Coors Lights (my choice not his) at my place, we headed to the Downtown Eastside. Our nostalgic teenage-punk-rock memory-fueled excitement was curtailed, only briefly when we had to wait a half hour to get into the venue! WTF!? The lineup was for ticket holders. Harsh. Anyway, all good.

We were a bit bummed to miss our buddy Cam Strudwick who had opened with his band Burning Ghats . That must've been amazing to open for the greatest Canadian punk rock band of all-time. Needless to say, we were beyond STOKED!

Once we finally got inside, the night really took off. We hustled and muscled through the crowd and down to the beer line on the floor stage left and things were shaping up nicely. Dan and I used to play in a high school band called General Mayhem, and before that, we played in a punk rock cover band in our drummer Daryl's garage in Langley. We used to play covers of Pennywise, Lagwagon, The Vandals, NOFX (all of that good California shit)...never any Propagandhi (that I can remember -- probably too advanced technically!), but of course at the show, lo and behold, we run into our old guitarist Joey Placek. Wicked high school punk band reunion. Mega laughs and high fives had by all.

The Rickshaw was absolutely buzzing with energy. The only other times I can remember an energy like that was seeing Japandroids in Toronto at The Phoenix and Refused on their comeback tour at The Vogue.

Propagandhi was relentless and incredibly impressive musically. I forgot how technical they are. New guitarist, Sulynn Hago was outstanding and passionate. Chris Hannah's speed and accuracy was mind-blowing. Bassist Todd Kowalski rocked amazing style going with cloth cargo shorts, runners, a shirt that read "Let's Hug It Out". He looked like a dad (on copious caffeine) who was ready to mow the lawn on a Sunday afternoon. Let's just say, too, that Kowalski leads the league in fist pumps. Drummer Jord Samolesky was devastating and locked in on tempos, laying the bed for the guitar shreddage. 

The show could've easily been awesome fueled by nostalgia alone, but it was so, so much more. So happy to have been there and experience the Canadian punk rock legends.

(Photo Credit: Timbre Concerts)

Shareefer Madness 

I'm a musician. I'm a journalist. I'm also a big, big, dorky NBA fan. I love hoops with a big passion. Played some high-caliber ball in high school and early on in college and have been an NBA addict for years and years now. To give you an idea of how bad it is, this year I purposely DID NOT order League Pass (the cable package that gives you every game) because it is too much of a distraction and I become at risk of squandering every spare moment, killing all productivity and creativity. Ha. A couple of times last year, I caught myself watching garbage games like Sixers vs Bucks or Pistons vs Nets. Brutal. An obsession is an obsession though.

So today, at work (Im currently producing On the Coast on CBC Radio One in Vancouver) we had the opportunity to interview Shareef Abdur-Rahim. He was the greatest Vancouver Grizzlies player of all-time. That's not saying much because the team was awful, but it was cool to have him into studio. The one rub is that he's in town to promote an NBA all-star event (the game is in Toronto this year) and inherent in the marketing of it is the assumption that Vancouver hoops fans should be latching onto the Toronto Raptors because they happen to exist within the borders of the same country, 3,000 km east of us (WE THE NORTH YAY).

As someone who is still bitter about losing the Grizzlies to Memphis, I find this annoying / barring on offensive. ANYWAY, I could go on for thousands of words about this. It was cool to meet Shareef, even though most of my memories of him were missing key shots in clutch moments that could've won the Grizzlies a few more games. Whatever, he was young and under a lot of pressure to carry a struggling, young franchise (that for some reason was not allowed to have the #1 pick in its first years of existence??? Thanks a lot, Stern!)

This is not related to music, but it is really funny. Look how thrilled Shareef was to meet me!! hahahahaha. Thanks, Reef!


Introducing "Memory Electric" 

The Allingham family up and moved north east this past week. All the way from beautiful Mount Pleasant, to the lovely north end of Commercial Drive. It's been a bit of a bumpy road! During the move from our apartment, our TV, mirror and table were stolen (most likely by one of our 5th floor neighbours!). When we arrived at our new place, neither the couch, nor the entertainment unit would fit up the narrow stairs. That unit was where I kept the vinyl, man! And then, on our 4th night in the new place, our parkade, car and storage locker were broken into by some rude dickheads. For a day or so there we were feeling like maybe we aren't supposed to be this house, in this neighbourhood...but now that we've had some time to settle down and shake it off, we're starting to feel the Commercial vibe.

And now, it's the final road to the release of my debut full-length solo record, "Memory Electric". I've worked long and hard on this thing and I'm super excited to begin to share it with you. Here is the album cover. It's a 10-song album that I'll be releasing at the Biltmore Cabaret on Friday, March 18th. The album artwork was designed by my great friend, Jeff Griffiths.


Song for Maliyah  

This is one of of my personal favourite songs that I've ever written. This one came out of me, dedicated to my daughter Maliyah (or whomever was going to come into the world) well before she was born. I wrote it even before I knew Saj was pregnant. It was during that time where the desire to have a kid washed over me and my life, and just kind of took everything over. Every action, every thought seemed to be geared to it. It was emotional and powerful (it was evolution).  The song expresses the fear and uncertainty that come with that longing to share your life with a kid. I have a lot of anxiety and I was scared that I would pass that along to her. But in the uplifting choruses, there's a resoluteness and promises are made.

"And the leaves will bow down, when you walk by with me / Those ships will crash and sink into the sea / Before I let you down, I'll make you stronger / Lay your head upon my shoulder / Love will never die...tonight." 


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Jeremy Allingham LIVE @ The Biltmore Cabaret

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Jeremy Allingham live with special guest Skyote.

Proceeds from this show will go to support the fight against the opioid overdose crisis affecting our friends, family and neighbours across Metro Vancouver. Too many people have died from what is a real and deadly epidemic. The new numbers will be out next week and the year will almost certainly end with more than 800 people having died. That number is staggering and more needs to be done. This will be our small way of trying to help out. So, let's try to address this mega-serious issue by having a bit of fun, a few beers and some rock 'n roll. Come on out and support a good and pressing cause!


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The event is FREE to attend!

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